Let it Go!

 Let it Go, Let it Go!  Here is Elsa in all her snowflake glory.  Only the skirt of this cake was edible…I didn’t cover her bodice, because this doll lit up and sparkled while it hummed to the tune of “Let it Go” – my girls were IN LOVE with this one!  I covered the cake board in fondant, and added her name with a sprinkle of white sugar crystals.

Oh, I should mention I did this cake that one day we were under some severe tornado warning (or watch…whichever one means to take cover), while watching the cornstalks out my back window blowing to almost a 90 degree angle and it was completely dark outside at 2pm, TV went out, sirens were going off, etc.  Hey…I was working on a deadline!  (I really should be more scared of storms…I know.)

Anyway, Happy 5th Birthday Kennedy!




And my most popular seller…the rosette cake!






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