Here goes…my first post!

Hi there!  So I had a REALLY busy weekend.  Which, is good!  First, my brother got hitched…and I made the cake.  I attended a friend’s baby shower, which I made mustache cookies for.  On top of that, I made a Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes for a little 4 year old girl named, Ellie…(a name dear to my heart, since my Emma was named Ellie for about 3 months before she was born…her name was even on her bedroom wall!)  Lastly, I made a bunch of super fun candy themed cupcakes topped with gumballs and party dips for another baby shower!  Check out what I did…and no…there will not be any pictures of what I looked like by the end of my first busy weekend, as I do not want to scare anyone off.  🙂


My brother’s wedding cake


Ellie’s Minnie Mouse cake


Little Man Mustache cookies…for Lincoln’s baby shower! (Can’t wait to meet the little guy!)


Cupcakes topped with gumballs for candy themed baby shower!



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