Another busy one!

 Somehow, I managed to make it through this weekend!  I couldn’t have done it without the help from my Mom and Dad, who took my girls overnight so I could stay up all night Friday.  Literally.  (Ok, ok, I took a 4 hour nap from 3-7am!) I was on a mission to finish these orders so that I could make it to my friend’s surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday night!  I have to admit…I’m kind of feeling a little bit like Superwoman after all I accomplished this weekend.  The most exciting part of my weekend other than these cakes, and my friend’s party?  Cleaning my house like nobody’s business today with my new Norwex products!  I’m hooked.  So to any of my friends out there reading this…expect a Norwex invitation in the mail in the next couple of months.  I’ll feed you cupcakes…and wine.  Lots of wine.  But enough about me…let’s talk cake.

September is a VERY busy birthday month…just ask my calendar!  I am so excited about the cakes I created this weekend.

I am in love with this Tinkerbell cake and cupcakes that I made for my neighbor’s daughter, Cydney…who turned 2.  I made coordinating sugar cookie wands for parting gifts.  When my 5 year old asked the usual, “Do you have an extra for me?” I was able to tell her, ‘YES!  You actually can have one of these!’  (At the party, of course!)  Speaking of my 5 year old, she was generous enough to let us borrow one of her Tinkerbell’s for this cake.

Tinkerbell cake

Happy Birthday, Cydney!

Tink's house

Tink’s house

Tink's flowers

Tink’s flowers




Tinkerbell cupcakes

Tinkerbell wands

Tinkerbell sugar cookie wands


I also made one of my favorites, and one that will never get old…another Minnie Mouse cake!  Along with that, coordinating cake pops…which I have a love/hate relationship with.  I love the way they taste, and the way they look…when they turn out.  The hate part comes in when I’m admiring my hard work…thinking, ‘Yay! They look so great!’  Then all of a sudden, they poke right through the top and slide right down the stick!  Grrrr!!!  My co-workers at the bank sure appreciated all the mistakes the next day, that’s for sure!  So to be clear, I currently don’t really offer cake pops.  (These were done for a friend)  So if you ask me for cake pops and you catch me on a good day…I will probably not turn you down, but you might notice a slight hesitation in my response.  🙂

So needless to say, I have some perfecting to do here…I need to work out all the kinks before these puppies go back on my menu!  I can’t even begin to believe the talented bakers out there that can whip up a dozen Minion cake pops, or Lorax cake pops, or any other shape other than a simple ball!  Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all, right?!

Minnie Mouse - 10" round

Happy Birthday, Payton!

August 098

Minnie Mouse cake pops

Cake pops

Bliss Cake pops


 “Hey batter, batter, swiiiiing!”  I loved making this cake.  Especially the baseballs, which were made from Rice Krispie Treats!  This was a vanilla cake (both tiers) filled and frosted with Oreo buttercream!

It is so yummy…and the newest addition to my flavor list!

Baseball theme

Baseball theme

Cake topper

Happy Birthday, Kaiden!




Here are a few other creations over the past couple of weeks.  …

Lingerie cookies

Lingerie cookies

Lingerie cookies

Happy 4th Anniversary, Jodie and Dale!!


Nemo fish

Happy Birthday, Cooper!
Hope you liked your Nemo cookies!


Half Birthday cake - Superhero theme

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Colton!


Pink ombre roses

Happy Birthday, Tee!


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo theme birthday cupcakes


See, I told you there were a lot of birthdays this month…and it’s only just begun!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week everyone!!





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